Poetree Publications operates as a self-publishing entity to writers of all genres (excluding historical, research and/ or academic content). The company assists and facilitates authors with the publishing process by providing services specific to the needs and requirements of the author, i.e. ISBN/ASIN registration, Barcode allocation, design and layout, content editing and proofreading, printing, eBook generation, marketing and sales, etc. Writers may choose from specially designed packages that cater to the specific publishing requirements, ranging from flexi or standard services to larger premium packages. Poetree offers the service at a quoted fee, where after clients receive their final product and are responsible for the success of their own work. The company does not stake claim to any royalties, aside from eBook sales, as Poetree believes in helping writers maintain sustainability and profitability through their craft.     

We publish:    *Poetry Collections and Anthologies    *Short Stories        *Novels     *Children’s Books    *Fiction *Motivational Handbooks 
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Poetree titles available at select stores.
Poetree titles available at select stores.

Poetree Publications is directly associated with the National Library of South Africa. All works published by the company therefore receive automatic listing on the national database with at least one copy of every publication available from the NLSA archives. This affiliation is in line with both the NLSA’s and Poetree Publications’ mission to preserve the literature content produced by South African writers. Other affiliations include independent book stores (locally and internationally); listings and registrations with establishments such as Amazon,, and more. These channels form part of the packages offered by Poetree Publications, through which authors’ and poets’ books are marketed and sold both locally and internationally. The affiliations afford the writer further networking options to grow within their respective fields and categories, and establish a strong following of their work. 


In addition to self-publishing writers’ offerings, Poetree Publications offers freelance writing services to the broader business sector. Services offered through this division include:  – Document and Term translations (English/Afrikaans) – Transcription of audio files; e.g. meetings, conferences, interviews, dictation, market research interviews – Proofreading and Editing (specific to the check of correct usage of language and grammar, spelling, and quality control) – Content and Copywriting; including but not limited to script writing and advertising, and web content – Other freelance services include voice-overs and subtitling of audio/visual content 


Poetree Publications actively supports art movements and community development by forming cohesive relationships with organisations and companies which help build the arts sector. The company assists in event hosting and also offers a consultation service to organisations and entities in need of event planning and management for all scopes of events and festivals. 

The company Director, Flow Wellington (Selome Motaung), is the Co-Curator of the Eastern Cape Book Festival (2014/2015). This annual literature festival was hosted by a team of eight individuals, all artists in their own right, in Port Elizabeth. The event focused on creating a platform where writers from the region could showcase their work, network with industry stakeholders such as publishers, authors and community leaders, and also gain substantial knowledge about the literature sector. The ECBF as an organisation strives to create a love for literature within the community and ultimately ‘redefine SA literature’ by exposing and introducing more young writers to the market.
Public Engagement: Flow is a poet and author who shares her work on various platforms to a diverse range of audiences. As a performing artist, she accepts invitations to perform at festivals, poetry sessions, book readings and corporate functions. Flow also believes in education through application and applies this specific practice in her motivational talks. She attends and engages in conferences and events, and hosts/participates in workshops geared at empowering women and the youth.