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New Release:Wild has Roots, Pralini Naidoo

  • Aug 3, 2021
  • Posted by admin

Pralini Naidoo releases her first poetry-prose collection, Wild has Roots, dedicated to the memory of her late father, Rajendra Narayan Naidoo (22 July 1938 – 29 October 2020).

Wild has Roots is a heartfelt and deeply emotional journey of love, growth, loss and release. From start to finish, Pralini is personal and candid but there is a familiarity in each piece – you feel a sense of unraveling, and yet, a stitching together of self.
“Wild has Roots is embedded in women’s lived experiences… it is a complex love story.” – Pralini Naidoo

“Writing is essentially a deep listening art. Pralini evidently practices this art with her whole body and being, with a writing voice that taps into worlds through and beyond the senses. Navigating memory, imagination and conscious connection with nature she invites conversation – from
the personally intimate to the ancestral. In Wild has Roots, her debut collection, she speaks her story, surfacing multiple voices and truths. Poetry specifically, asks for this level of integrity and authenticity. Enter this generous and regenerative waterfall of her words, immerse yourself in the stillness and sensual revelation she creates with each poem, each love-woven narrative.”

Malika Ndlovu
Writer, poet, applied arts practitioner

Pralini Naidoo is an activist, writer, graphic designer, mother, educator, gardener and eternal student. She is currently registered for a PhD at the Universtiy of the Western Cape. Her work is focused on tracing narratives of women who have descended from indenture in South Africa, and their complex relationship with (food) seed. Pralini is passionate about the intersections of the social, political, spiritual and the creative.

ISBN: 978-0-6398210-8-5
Paperback, 78 pages
Cost: R180
(A portion of all sales will be donated to the Msunduzi Hospice Association)

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  • Hi Flow,

    Congratulations gir publishing this poetry book. I’d love to chat with the author.
    How about the 15th, 16th or the 24th Aug?

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