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New Release: MbaMbongi

  • Jun 19, 2021
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Available in paperback and digital formats.

MbaMbongi: A kiss of poetry from the lips of a poet is the first poetry anthology from the Imbuyezi Collective.

This collective was formed during a creative writing course hosted by the Mzanzi Poetry Academy (Johannesburg) and grew into what is now known as Imbumba Yezimbongi.

“Imbumba Yezimbongi (Contraction: Imbuyezi), a poetry collective based in the townships in the East Rand, makes this offering to make sure that when the grey cloud passes, memory doesn’t follow it. The anthology, MbaMbongi – The kiss of poetry, arrives in a time when being in close proximity with other human beings could be likened to juggling fire while soaked with petrol. “The township is ablaze.” Life in the township is a constant rubbing of shoulders, even with strangers. This anthology is a demonstration of the painful experience of living inside a volcano. […] MbaMbongi touches different human emotions, under the sun, before the thick grey cloud does its thing. Traditional forms like izibongo, the Japanese tanka and haiku are laboured to achieve an anthology with unique, differing viewpoints.
An anthology that invokes hope, and serves as a reminder that “birds do sing in winter”. – Sabelo Soko (from the Foreword, p vi-vii)

Book details:
Publisher: Poetree Publications (Pty)Ltd
ISBN Paperback (1st Ed.): 978-0-6398210-6-1
ISBN Ebook: 978-0-6398210-7-8
Price: R180
Available from Imbuyezi, Kelo.Africa (Amazon coming soon)

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