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  • Jun 12, 2020
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Deadline closed for content submissions. Selected contributors will be contacted throughout the month. If you do not hear from us by end of October, please consider your submission unsuccessful.

– Theme: Letters To Our Sons
– Literature & Art BY WOMEN


As the push and pull of the collective global turmoil forces us to reflect and take a hard look at what our societies have amounted to, we turn to art to find solace, meaning, a haven to teach and edify.
In this second volume of The Looking Glass Anthology, we aim to dissect, address, comfort, and ignite conversation around the theme Letters To Our Sons. This volume seeks to have women from around the world share their written and visual art which speaks to the men in our lives. We especially seek to have women “write letters” to the men of this world, the sons of our communities, and speak frankly about any topics deemed important to the current social status (including but not limited to):
– what you want to teach your boy-child
– what you wish society would teach men
– things you want sons to know about the “world out there”
– parental love / friendships / relationships / love of self

Submissions may be in the form of literature and/or any visual art interpretations – published or unpublished.
The work must be the original creations of the contributor. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and dealt with accordingly.

We welcome work from women only, ages 21 and older, from anywhere in the world.

Guide for literary submissions:
• Poetry: no more than 60 lines
(In any language… submissions must be accompanied by full English translation)
• Fiction/short stories: up to 1500 words
• Prose: no more than 1000 words
(Only English)

Email 1-5 submissions in any genre AS AN ATTACHMENT to lookingglassanthology@gmail.com

❗Submissions must be the contributors’ original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
🔹 Work can be previously published or unpublished (please include precise citations)

Art of every stripe is encouraged, with little or no restriction: poetry, photography, illustration, creative fiction/nonfiction, three-dimensional work represented two-dimensionally in order to be fit for print, etc. Final selection from submissions will be based on considerations of craft, relevance, and potential for stimulating connections with other pieces set for inclusion. Everyone featured in the final publication will receive a free copy.

Any submissions that depict hate speech, racial discrimination, gender and sexuality discrimination and/or violence in any format will be ignored.
Submissions must be wholesome and educational (where applicable) and be of edifying nature to support the relevance of the content of this volume.

How to Submit:
Please send 1 – 5 submissions, in any genre, as email attachments (hi-res jpeg, png, word or pdf) to lookingglassanthology@gmail.com & include your name as you wish it to be published, as well as website, social media handles, or other online presence, if applicable. No submission fee.

* Submissions open to women aged 21 and older.
* Location: Global

    • Selected contributors will be contacted before end of October. If you do not hear from us by 1 November, please consider your submission unsuccessful. Thanks.

  • Hello,
    Can our creative fiction be less than 1,500 words or is that word limit necessary for submission?

  • Can I submit all my writings of different genres e.g. poems and prose
    under one pdf file or is it needed to arrange seperately for each poem & prose ?

    • We will send all selected contributors a form to complete after deadline closes. For now you can just send your submissions.

  • Can I submit poetry , painting as well as story together . The total work has to be five including all genres or each five?

    • Your 5 submissions can include any genre of your choice. Yes, poetry painting story together OR all poetry OR all painting, etc. It’s your choice.

  • When will I know if my submission has been selected or not?
    How long after the submission of my article can I publish it somewhere else ?

    • We will notify all selected contributors after the deadline has closed and the editor has gone through the selection group. Please allow up to 3 weeks. If you do not hear from us by end of October then consider your submission unsuccessful.
      You can submit after we announce the official launch of volume II. Please wait up to 3 months after publication before submitting it elsewhere and please credit the Looking Glass Anthology VII as “first published”.

  • I wanted to ask a question that all submissions must be in English or can we just submit it in Urdu??

    • All submissions not in English must be accompanied by full translation. If selected, both versions may be published if so required by the editor.

  • Can you tell me the minimum limit of poem as i write which is approximately of not more than 35 lines. Affaf from Pakistan

  • I have a question though. It says submissions must be in attachment with word, pdf etc formats. Will it be possible to write the entry on the content of email rather than attachment. I am having trouble writing via word or pdf since I dont own any formal gadget for writing. I only use my phone. I tried dowloading words microsoft app but most of them are flop. Looking forward to hear from you admin since Im seriously interested in submitting my works.

    • If you have no other alternative we will accept if written in body of email. Please clearly mark where poems start and end.

    • All contributors receive a contributors copy or ebook. We have sent volume 1 to India, Philippines, Greece and America in 2019. Should we encounter international delivery issues we will communicate with contributors.

  • I see submission fee is not there. But is payment involved post selection or at any other phase of publishing? Kindly specify if any.

    • This is a free submission process and no payment is offered. If your work is selected for publishing, all contributors receive a contributors copy or ebook.

    • Yes. It must be your original art in digital format. Please provide speculations and details of the original artwork dimensions and materials used.

    • If your submission is published in our book them yes you receive a contributors copy. We have a volume 1 which includes contributions from India, Philippines, Greece, America and Australia… All these have received contributor copies.

  • Is there need of any charges for registration or after selection of the script? Is there provision of sending any skit or drama ?

    • This is a free submission, you do not pay any registration. We do not offer any payment for selected contributions but do send selected contributors a hard copy or ebook of the publication. Unfortunately we cannot accept any drama/skit at this stage. Perhaps you can adapt your piece to prose or short story?

    • You can choose to submit a minimum of ONE up to a max of FIVE submission options, in any category (literature, photography, art). You can submit to just one category or any. Eg: 1 poem and 2 photos OR 2 poems and 2 short stories OR 2 artworks and 1 poem, etc… The submissions must obviously follow the theme indicated but the interpretation is up to you.

  • I can’t really see the words. I don’t know my phone is the problem. I can’t see the email address and what’s really needed

    • Hi Ntokozo. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re working on fixing the layout issue for this post. Please visit our Facebook page The Looking Glass Anthology where the information can be accessed in our posts. The submission email is lookingglassanthology@gmail.com

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